What is an Expert Review?

What is an expert review?

What is an Expert Review?

An expert review enables you to quickly see what could be improved with your digital product without spending thousands on research or design.

Expert reviews can be implemented to improve what you already have or are often done at a later date in a design sprint. Its not a replacement to product design or a full redesign but can be used as part of the User Research stage or for an MVP update.

A review typically looks at layout, content or any tasks you want your users to perform on a single page or full journey. Once an expert review has taken place you’ll receive a document highlighting issues and recommendations on what you should focus on improving.

Often these reviews are for smaller parts of digital product or can focus on the full user journey.

You can request an expert review for an app, website, web-based application, software or anything digital.

So why do an Expert review?

  • Reduce lost revenue
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Improve retention
  • Reduce user errors
  • Increase usability
  • Fix accessibility issues
  • Decrease calls to help desk
  • Reduce support costs
  • Increase your brand’s trust

These are just some of the reasons why you’d want to to do an expert review on your digital product.

Some Real-World Examples

  • By changing a Register button to a Continue button with a simple message one company increased sales by 45% which was worth $300m for the first year*
  • A study by the Nielsen group showed that investments in usability yielded an average return of 83%
  • European airline AirLingus was able to increase their sales by 73% simply by making it easier to book return flights online
  • Changing a page of text to 1 line of text on the SRA’s website reduced support calls by 86%

At Stage One our mission is to put customers at the centre of every digital product inclusive for all types of users and accessibility needs.

We innovate using technology, design & data to deliver seamless experiences that real people want to use.

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* Source: https://articles.uie.com/three_hund_million_button/