Our Design Services

Whether you're looking for tactical UX support to redesign your website, or looking to shape the future of your entire product design strategy, we can help.
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Decades of Experience

The Stage One team have designed products for every major platform, across a host of sectors, markets and specialisms. Our experience is extensive, and it shows in our work.

Innovative thinking

Our background is pioneering research, emerging tech and cutting edge product design. Combined with our experience of shipping real products, why would you pick anyone else?

Great value

Our business model isn't based on exorbitant unjustified commissions. That means better quality, more highly skilled people for much less than you'd get elsewhere.

Studio Projects

We work with exceptional clients who understand the value of lean iterative user-centred thinking. Together we set objectives, agree outcomes, plan timelines and assess budgets to set terms we can work to, while maintaining the ability to adapt delivery as the project matures.

On-Site Deployments

If you're resourcing for an existing on-site project, we can deploy people from our studio directly into your teams.

As design practitioners, we understand at a practical level what it takes to build exceptional products, and sometimes that means being co-located to tackle the finer details of quality design delivery.

Your Project's Roadmap

Every project is different, and we always look for ways to innovate.
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    Initial chat

    Have a no-obligation discussion with our product experts. We'll help you explore your project and let you know if it's something we can help with.

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    In-Studio or On-Site

    Once we've discussed the scope of work, we'll decide if your project needs to be resourced on-site (where our team come to you), or taken into our product design studio.

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    Statement of Work

    One of the most important parts of any project will be setting scope and defining outcomes. What do you need, by when, and what's your budget?

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    Delivering your project

    Regular check-ins ensure milestone objectives are being met, with the flexibility to pivot and react in an agile way if needed.

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    Watch how customers interact with your new product and improve/add features where needed. And repeat.

Our professional services

Product Research

Product-market fit analysis, design thinking workshops, user research, diary studies, lab testing, etc...

Product Design

Wireframing, prototyping, information architecture, competitor analysis, design strategy, visual design, brand creation, style guides, motion design, etc...

Product engineering

Front and backend software engineering, database administration, cloud services, dev ops, etc...


Emerging technology experience

Voice-first & chat design

Voice UX, audio design, personality creation. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Android Auto, Messenger bots, etc...

New e-commerce channels

Voice commerce (ordering products & services through Alexa), customer service bots, FAQ & fact-finding conversational systems, etc...

Marketing product innovation

Voice & chat lead generation, interactive marketing campaigns, hyper-personalised recommendations, social campaigns using voice to punch-through, etc...

Book your FREE consultation

Have a no-obligation discussion with our product experts. We'll help you explore your project and let you know how we can help.