How we redesigned a new employee management system

Image of Capita logo and design workings

Client: Capita

Product: Workforce Management Software

Business case

The current system was built on out-of-date technology and lacked a good user experience. It was decided that the software needed to be redesigned.

What we did

  • Overall UX strategy
  • Running a team of UR/UX and UI designers
  • Working with stakeholders and BAs to gather requirements
  • Running workshops with clients and customers
  • User interviews and Contextual inquiries
  • Competitor analysis
  • Workflows
  • Creating wireframes and interactive prototypes
  • Presenting designs to clients, salespeople, and stakeholders
  • Working with development teams globally
  • Producing UI designs and assets


The design and launch of the MVP for the desktop software and an app which allowed different types of workers from strategy planning to tactical planning of shift workers. The designs also allowed to quickly change teams without errors and within budget and with the correct skills. This in turn increased sales to mid-sized businesses and retained large enterprises.

In details

Part of the software we worked on was to do with scheduling. We ran workshops with Customers and key stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements. This allowed the design team to have a good understanding of what was needed and how users think.

From the finding we were able to produce personas, task maps and wireframe/interactive demos.

One of the workshops working with the client and users

After the workshops, Personas, task mappings, and the competitor analysis we split the tasks between the designers to design the functions from each of the user’s perspectives and how they would interlink. We presented the designs back to the team and stakeholders. In the presentations we would explain how the system could work and allowed the audience to comment on the designs. We’d collate all the comments and iterate as needed.

Once the designs had been signed off, we produced the UI and produced interactive prototypes. The app prototype was produced in Axure and the desktop version was done in Axure and Adobe XD.

Example UI designs for managing teams in shifts as one of the key parts of the Workforce Management software.

The prototypes were presented to clients and the sales teams with incredibly positive feedback. One of the biggest clients said they would extend their contract to 47,000 employees worldwide as they loved the mobile app design so much. The sales teams also loved the designs and from October 2019 were showing the product to potential mid-sized clients at trade shows.

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