The Solution To Your IR35 Problem

IR35 is shaking up the industry. If your business is reliant on contract researchers, designers and developers to remain operational it's going to be tough after April 2021.

It's not all doom and gloom though as Stage One has a right solution.


How does IR35 affect my team?

In an effort to re-coup some of the perceived loss of tax income, HMRC have decided that from April 6th, previous legislation that applied only to the public sector will now come into force for private sector contractors.

This IR35 legislation attempts to discourage ‘disguised employees’ - contractors who appear to be doing permanent staff-type roles, but not paying permanent staff taxes.

Rather than assessing each contractor’s individual contract to determine whether it looks like a ‘disguised employee’ and take the risk of getting it wrong, many organisations have decided to rule all contracting staff ‘inside IR35’.

Working inside IR35 makes contractors liable for up to an additional 45% of their day rate payable in new taxes - making it no longer financially feasible to continue working for the client. At the point they are declared inside IR35, many contractors will have no option than to work out their contracted notice and leave.

People vs. Project Resourcing

Engaging a contractor for a long fixed-duration period without a clear statement of work is exactly what HMRC might consider 'disguised employment'. However, by working with Stage One to understand what you need and creating a project to get that work done, you're no longer engaging an individual, you're engaging Stage one as a design consultancy - immediately putting the work outside of scope of IR35.

Additional Benefits

Working with Stage one on a project basis means we can give you the flexibility of putting the right people on your project at the right time. Having a clear timeline and statement of work is better for everyone: you will know what will be delivered, and by which date.

Our Solution

Our process for finding the right solution for you
  • 1

    Initial discussion

    Have a no-obligation discussion with our project design team. We'll discuss your requirements to understand your needs.

  • 2

    Project proposal

    We'll put together a statement of work and draw up a draft project proposal. Working together, we'll refine the details until it matches your needs precisely.

  • 3


    When you're happy with the proposal, statement of work and timescales, we'll get the contract signed and can start working on your project.

  • 4

    Delivering your project

    We'll have regular check-ins to ensure milestone objectives are being met. If requirements change along the way, we simply adjust the statement of work as needed.

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