Is COVID-19 affecting your project deadlines? It’s time to deploy our remote workforce

At Stage One we have a fully experienced remote workforce giving you the flexibility to continue work as normal, meet business deadlines and remove the need for physical contact.
UK Based

Our remote workforce is UK based and is able to work within your core business hours.

No Physical contact

Our team is fully remote meaning there won't be any physical contact or chances of catching coronavirus.

Business as normal

Our remote team enables you to continue work as normal and allows your project managers, delivery leads or directors to manage the team.


Remote Research

Using the power of our market research panel and our experienced user researchers, we’re able to conduct moderated user testing sessions over the internet. This removes any physical contact between our participants and researchers but also ensures high-quality insights are still being collected.

Remote Design

Using a range of our cloud-based tools our experienced designers can continue working as normal, in a team and meet your project deadlines.

We design digital products that focus on the user needs enabling us to deliver value to you & your target audience.

remote development

Remote Development

Our experienced developers use a range of our cloud-based tools to enable them to deliver high-quality code, work as a team and meet your project deadlines.

Our developers use industry-standard solutions to ensure your digital product remains secure, operational and accessible.

Our Cloud based tools 

At Stage One we use a range of enterprise level cloud based tools that enables our remote workforce to continue working as a team from any location in the UK. We use these tools with our remote workers so we can ensure your project moves forwards as smoothly as possible.

Your Project's Roadmap

Every project is different, and we always look for ways to innovate.
  • 1

    Stage 1 - Initial chat

    Have a no-obligation discussion with our product experts. We'll help you explore your project and let you know if it's something we can help with.

  • 2

    Stage 2 - Statement of Work

    One of the most important parts of any project will be setting scope and defining outcomes. What do you need, by when, and what's your budget?

  • 3

    Stage 3 - Reserving our remote workforce

    Once we've discussed the scope of work, your budget and what you require, we’ll contact our remote workforce and start to get them prepared for deployment.

  • 4

    Stage 4 - Delivering your project

    We have regular remote check-ins to ensure milestone objectives are being met, with the flexibility to pivot and react in an agile way if needed.

After COVID-19 is over

Once society starts to go back to normal you have the option to continue using our remote workforce, stop using them or we can help you transition back to having people based in your office.

Who knows it may be a new way of working for your business?

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