Alongside our clients’ design projects, we also develop a number of in-house products ourselves – tackling unmet needs and practicing what we preach! Here’s a small selection of our current work.

Assist You - Project Concept

Your smart assistant for accessible information

Your travel assistant

With a full knowledge of your personalised assisted needs, Assist You can recommend the methods of transport that would work best for you.

Your assistant can answer common accessibility questions about your travel route and stops along the way.

Your places assistant

Ask Assist You about any place you're interested in.

Calling on our extensive community-led database of points-of-interest, your assistant will let you know about what's important to you and your accessibility needs.

You'll get honest ratings and reviews from other people with needs similar to yours.

Your entertainment expert

When it's time to get out and have some fun, your assistant will tell you what you need to know, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Your personal assistant

The first time you use Assist You, it will ask about your personal assisted needs.

It'll remember this information and use it to give you advice and recommendations tailored specifically to what matters most for you.

Project Roadmap

  • 1

    Proof of concept

    Initial funding will help us build a proof of concept to help validate the idea. This 'PoC' will form the basis of user research to ensure we're building a product that is valuable and solves real user needs.

  • 2

    Beta release

    Upon securing full project funding, we can start building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - this is the most efficient way to release a product to market and learn about its use in the real world.

  • 3

    Full public release

    We'll keep iterating the beta product release until we have addressed all significant user feedback. By this point we have a publicly-releasable product that we know our users will love.

  • 4

    Version 2

    With the basics sorted, we can explore further funding options to expand Assist You's feature set into other user-requested areas.

The Assist You Platform

What makes Assist You so unique
Community-led data

Our database of travel, points-of-interest and entertainment information can be quickly and easily updated by our community of passionate supporters, and is aggregated from sources across the internet.

Conversational AI

Using state-of-the-art conversational modelling techniques, users can quickly and easily get to the information they need, wherever they are and however they wish to access their assistant.

Modular by design

Assist You's modular architecture allows us to teach the AI about new accessibility areas over time. Feedback from the community on what's important to them drives us to decide what's next!

Voice. Type. Tap. Your Choice.

Our conversational AI is based on common smart assistant platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Use Assist You by speaking, texting or tapping options on the screen, on either your smartphone, smart speaker, smart watch or in-car voice assistant.

We need YOUR help

If you think you can help us get this project off the ground, please get in touch today.